Tuumea de Oxum

Tuumea is an artist, activist, yogini, educator and practitioner of holistic healing. Her professional work focuses on identifying resources for social change specifically pertaining to youth which includes working with organizations such as Guerreros de Arco Iris, a performance troupe and humanitarian organization based in Guatemala and Mexico and America SCORES based in Oakland, CA. During a visit to Central America, Tuumea lead a campaign to revive local gardens and native plants as well as disseminating native seeds in rural Guatemala. Inspired by the people she was working with, Tuumea took on a personal project during this time to teach yoga to women and children at the Iztapalapa Estacion Migratoria (the immigration detention center) in Mexico City. She has served as a yoga instructor and practitioner of dietary healing throughout the country. The demographic ranging from pre-school and grade school students to adults.
Ms. De Oxum is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher. She is a certified Holistic Healer of Falling Rain Apothecary based in Portland, Oregon.
Tuumea channels her passion for holistic living towards serving socio-economic and socio-ecological works. A dynamic thinker and sponge for knowledge, Tuumea plans to spend the rest her days committed to a healthy lifestyle, and awakening the passion for health in the youth.